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The Nation’s Most Affordable, Serious 天主教 University

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When the Benedictine Sisters of the Annunciation founded what is today North Dakota's only 天主教 university, they placed their small college under the patronage of Mary, the Mother of God. 姐妹的 hope was that generations of students would find inspiration in the beautiful wisdom and courage of the maiden from Nazareth. As a 天主教 university, we are deeply dedicated to providing rich opportunities for our students to explore and grow in their faith.

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天主教 Studies

This exciting academic program examines the rich intellectual and cultural traditions of the Roman 天主教 Church and its impressive contributions to human thought and culture – past and present.

The University of Mary’s Rome, Italy location.

Study in Rome

Rome is the heart of the 天主教 faith and the site of the University of Mary's Rome campus. Study abroad in the shadow of the Vatican: tuition, 房间, and board cost the same as at the home campus.

Smiling, female student in the chapel of one of the University of Mary residence halls.

天主教 Scholars

Eligible graduates of 天主教 high schools can receive free 房间 and board at the University of Mary, thanks to our donors who love to support students of 天主教 schools.

And Much More!

  • ​​Daily Mass and a rich sacramental life
  • Eucharistic Adoration
  • 一个蓬勃发展的 University Ministry program
  • Classes integrated in the 天主教 intellectual tradition for nearly 60 undergraduate, 15个硕士, and four doctoral degrees
  • 信仰-based residence hall communities for men and women, with chapels and common prayer
  • FOCUS 任务aries: We have eight FOCUS missionaries serving our campus and we welcome FOCUS’s new staff training to our campus each year
  • NCAA DII 体育运动, where we emphasize pursuing greatness through virtue, with a dedicated chaplain for Marauders athletics
  • 信仰-based student organizations
  • A breath-taking Marian grotto
  • 任务 trips both abroad and within the US
  • A 校园酒吧 dedicated to 天主教 literary heroes 就像 J.R.R. 托尔金,C.S. 刘易斯和G.K. 切斯特顿!
University of Mary President Monsignor James Shea

The instinct of a Christian, 天主教, Benedictine institution is to resist the fragmentation of knowledge. We stand convinced that there can be a deep harmony between faith and reason. ... At a place 就像 the University of Mary, reason is at home in a culture of faith.

Monsignor James P. Shea, President

Leading in the 服务 of Truth

We believe that the development of essential leadership qualities in each student prepares that person to work courageously and effectively for the common good. We call this servant leadership. At the University of Mary, we promote an environment in which students have the freedom to discover their gifts and develop characteristics critical to leadership, so that they may use those talents to serve those around them

All students are encouraged to seek the Truth, to see themselves as whole and unique individuals responsible to God and one another, and to become leaders in the service of Truth. 

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在线 Education for the 天主教 Professional

Our graduate programs cultivate the knowledge and skill necessary to advance you in your professional field while drinking deeply from the 天主教 intellectual tradition.


Imagine yourself at the nation’s most affordable, serious 天主教 university.